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This Year's Six-Figure Oscars Gift Bag Includes Cannabis Products, Poop Emoji Plungers

February 19, 2019 | Brendan Menapace

There’s nothing quite like the Academy Awards. We all pick the movies we liked during the year and cheer them on as if they were our favorite sports team. In the same vein, we have our favorite players (actors) we cheer for, and least favorite players we root against. One thing we can all cheer together, however, is free stuff. And there is no greater bastion of freebie culture than the Oscars gift bag.

We’ve done extensive reporting in the past on just how ridiculous and extravagant these award show bags are, but it bears repeating every year. They are just something to behold. They’re also something to base trend predictions on, especially in the promotional space. If an item is something sought after by Hollywood’s elite, it’s probably something that your end-users will enjoy, too.

This year’s gift bag has something that especially stands out as a growing trend in both retail and the promotional space: cannabis.

The Oscars gift bag includes a variety of cannabis-infused products, such as THC chocolates and sativa seed extract facial moisturizer.

There are also items that tie into our social-media-addiction-fueled-anxiety lifestyle, such as a “phobia relief” session and “Mister Poop Emoji” toilet plungers.

Aside from that, you have your standard fare of luxury vacations to beautiful destinations all across the globe, Jarritos Mexican sodas, pretzel bars and hairdryers, per CNBC.

Distinctive Assets, the company behind the gift bag didn’t disclose the full value of the bag for this year’s event, but CNBC said it’s worth six figures, according to an emailed statement.

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